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Giorgio Rizzi

Leadership & Wellbeing Coach

I am an Italian living in Paris with the purpose of showing my clients how our physical state is linked to our emotions. Having worked 30 years as a Digital Transformation Manager in the world of fashion and luxury,


I have always at the same time felt the need to learn more about "mens sana in corpore sano" and underwent various formations, such as on Shiatsu, Equicoaching, Mindfulness, Cardiac Coherence, Positive Intelligence.


Today I support companies and business schools in "humanising" their structures with my multifold expertise of different methods and my business background. For instance working with horses helps us strengthen our Non-Verbal Communication, Active Listening, New Leadership, Positive Intelligence, etc.. I am member of the coaching team at ESSEC Business School iMagination week.

Giorgio Profilo coach

What I Specialize In

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Positive Intelligence


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The Journey Towards Well-being Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Concrete Coherence techniques and knowledge I can apply & train + better management of my emotions + higher sense of calmness and balance"


“Very useful in both professional and personal life.”


“I really loved the chance to sit down and really focus on this topic and to bring the techniques into my life..”


“I am very grateful for this experience. Merci Giorgio!”


We work together, we grow together

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