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Learn how to respond instead of react

Given the increased complexity and speed of today’s World, it can be especially helpful to develop additional skills to navigate through these unprecedented times.

I use HeartMath techniques every day to improve my capacity to stay in the present moment that helps me to set a space between the reaction and the answer to be capable to get access to the coherent status (the logic of the mind and the authenticity of the heart).

This involves expanding awareness of how our response to external events affects our physiology, relationships and performance.   

HeartMath techniques are much more than the breathing! The HeartMath techniques comprise a system of emotional refocusing and restructuring of neural circuits.

They create alignment among the physical, mental and emotional systems and enable us to gain access to more of our intuitive intelligence. 

Breathing is an important step that helps start the process of increasing individual coherence and can reduce the intensity of an emotional reaction especially the impact those emotions have on physiology, but it's just the first step.

I teach HearMath techniques offering The Resilience Advantage (TM) Program to organisations, companies, schools, etc. And also, to everyone interested in improving their quality of life by an efficient way of managing stress, emotions and develop their intuitions.



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