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Find Authentic And Fulfilling Relationships with People and Horses

Worskhop of 5 days with Ulrike Dietmann based on Hero's Journey with Horses in Tuscany - May 2018

Dear Horse Lover, dear Horse Owner,

Authentic relationships and a sense of love are the greatest challenge for us humans and at the same time they are the source of the greatest fulfillment. They are a key to success, partnership, marriage, collaboration, family life, education, teaching and health. And they are key to our relationship with horses. The way we treat horses is similar to the way we treat ourselves and the people in our lives. In order to be able to experience authentic relationships, I must first perceive my own authentic feelings. To love others, I must first love myself. Horses are great teachers in this art. They do not judge us, they perceive us and love us as we are. For them, it does not matter whether we are educated, handsome or successful. For them only our presence, our authenticity, our awareness of our intentions and feelings count. They do not manipulate us and they do not deceive us. With them, we can be sad or ecstatic, like we are in any given moment. In this presence and connection we find love that is unconditional. Ulrike Dietmann

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