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Sardinia – The Magic of the Wild Horses

October 26-27-28, 2018

Giara de Gesturi, Sardinia

with: Ulrike Dietmann, Founder Hero’s Journey with Horses®
Co-Trainer: Giorgio Rizzi, Visionpure coach and Raidho trainer, Italy
in Italian, English and German language

The Wild Horses of Sardinia – Meeting the Essence

October 10 – 12 (average temperature 19 -11 Celsius).

small group – local food and accommodation – still warm in November – outside of the tourist season – profoundly transformative experience with nature and horses


You are looking for an exceptional authentic experience with wild horses and nature in a peaceful place that is warm in November?


You do not want to be a tourist but a part of the place, the animals and the people living there?

You do not only want to observe the wilderness, but be part of it, connect and communicate?

This experience is:

  • exclusive: six participants only

  • profoundly guided: 2 experienced trainers

  • local: homemade local food made with love only for our group

  • small and beautiful: live in local bed and breakfasts in the Sardinian style

  • international: German, Italian, French and English speaking participants are welcome Simultaneous translation can be provided effortless

  • connected: be part of an authentic community, share your experiences and grow together

  • peaceful: outside of the tourist season its only us and nature

  • unique: experience present time, unrepeated and unforgettable

  • deeply transformative: your will experience the guided process of the Hero’s Journey

  • emotional: what you will experience will be profoundly touching and life changing

  • free: in the wilderness connection happens out of free will

  • healing: the connection with nature heals the body, heart and soul


The most surprising experience people make in the wilderness of the Giara: 
You become aware that everything is connected and that you are natural part of that connection.


You meet the essence of who you are, of how you heal, of how you love and are loved.
That is where we want to take you.

What we do not know: The horses of the Giara live in freedom, untouched by humans, we do not know how many and how we will meet them.

A question that concerns many horse people is: Will horses connect with us, are they looking for our proximity when they are quite free? Yes, they do.

And what kind of contact do they take? I have experienced the consciousness of the wild horses as very free. Free at the same time means conscious. We civilized people perhaps judge an aware consciousness as unreal and alien. In reality, however, with the wild horses, one can experience reality in a purity that is hardly possible in the civilized world. I realized that what we call reality is an illusion compared to the pure reality of these horses. The nature in Giara and the wild horses have led me to this source. And they showed me their language.

It is a language which is understood by all creatures, whether horse, whether tree, whether stone or the sea. Everyone speaks this language in its own way, and yet it is understood by everyone. It is the language of the universal web of life. We learn it by listening and responding.


In these 3 days in the Giara, we intend to do more than watch wild horses, we intend to connect with them, share the reality of the wild horses and nature and experience, learn and participate in this language of nature and the universal web of life.

We will learn in an ever deeper and clearer way to become conscious of ourselves and of what is around us. We will learn about community and about communion with all living beings.

When we speak the language of nature, this is always an exchange in which we are involved with our whole being. Nature then becomes a great teacher, a healer and a source of information and inspiration. We will get to know many helpers.

What exactly do we do?

A journey to the wild horses is first about finding them. This means not only physically, but also with an open consciousness. The Giara is a high plateau of 40 sqkm. There are lakes where the horses are. We will find them, but there are no controllable timings. We will surrender to the rhythm, the language and the invitations of nature.

Generally, we will be carried by the stream of events and rely on the intelligence of life and our intuition. We will act as a community in which everyone can feel comfortable and protected.

What you will learn:

Approaching the wild horses by:

  • Respect for energetic boundaries

  • Purposelessness

  • Present moment awareness

  • Authenticity

  • Communication with wild horses

  • Communicate with trees and other living creatures

  • Transformation as the basic process of nature

  • Understand and communicate the universal language of nature

  • The Hero’s Journey as a personal transformation process mirrored in nature

  • Access to the deep spiritual self

  • Find spiritual helpers

  • Self-healing processes by resonance with natural force

  • How the web of life weaves



physical and psychological fitness


Tuili and the Giara de Gesturi, Sardinia.

Please watch this video to find out more about how to connect with wild horses

Please watch this video to learn about the Giara die Gesturi


Where to stay:

There are three locations all in Tuili.

  • Domu Sanna in walking distance to the seminar house: a bed and breakfast in the traditional Sardinian style, charming and authentic. 45,00 EUR / night in a single room with breakfast. http://www.domusanna.com/

Please contact Giorgio Rizzi g@giorgiorizzi.net about the room

  • B& B Il Giardino da Pina, we will pick you up to get to the seminar house, traditional and authentic, very charming hosts, you will feel like at home. 45 EUR /night / single room with breakfast.


Please contact Giorgio Rizzi g@giorgiorizzi.net about the room

We will tend to the requests as they come in.


Flight to Cagliari, Sardinia
shuttle from the airport to your bed and breakfast in Tuili on Thursday October 25 at 18:20.
return: shuttle from Tuili to Cagliari airport on Monday October 29. You will be at the airport at 10:00
Please book your flight accordingly.

Workshop fee


  • workshop participation, workshop material,

  • lunch (cold) Friday – Sunday

  • dinner (warm, homemade) Thursday – Sunday

  • airport transport and transport to the Giara

not included: flight to Cagliari, accommodation
we will book your accommodation for you: single room with shared bath and breakfast in a Sardinian style cozy home.

20% bonus if you book until the end of August 980,00 EUR (19% VAT included)
10% bonus if you book until the end of September 1090,00 EUR (19% VAT included)
regular price: 1230,00 EUR (19% VAT included)

Seminar-booking (click here)