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Find Authentic And Fulfilling Relationships with People and Horses

Worskhop of 5 days with Ulrike Dietmann based on Hero's Journey with Horses in Tuscany

Dear Horse Lover, dear Horse Owner,

Authentic relationships and a sense of love are the greatest challenge for us humans and at the same time they are the source of the greatest fulfillment. They are a key to success, partnership, marriage, collaboration, family life, education, teaching and health. And they are key to our relationship with horses. The way we treat horses is similar to the way we treat ourselves and the people in our lives.
In order to be able to experience authentic relationships, I must first perceive my own authentic feelings. To love others, I must first love myself. Horses are great teachers in this art. They do not judge us, they perceive us and love us as we are. For them, it does not matter whether we are educated, handsome or successful. For them only our presence, our authenticity, our awareness of our intentions and feelings count. They do not manipulate us and they do not deceive us. With them, we can be sad or ecstatic, like we are in any given moment. In this presence and connection we find love that is unconditional. Ulrike Dietmann


"Not the ones that speak the same language understand each other, but the ones that share the same emotions." RUMI

The Key To Finding Authentic and Fulfilling Relationships in 5 Days.


In the last ten years I have learnt everything about how I can be authentic, how I can discover my beliefs that hold me back from being the person I really am, how I can be a master of my emotions without repressing them or being victimized by them. I have learnt how I can feel and interpret energy and non-verbal communication that is so important in our relationships.

I learnt that in order to find the respect and the trust of a horse, I have to be 100 % authentic and 100 % in the present moment. I learnt that I have to train myself before I train my horse.

It is challenging for a human to look into the mirror and see what has been unconscious and hidden, because it is sometimes pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant. But the horses showed me every time that I was on the right path. They wanted the real me.

Want to know the secret I discovered? Here it is...

Putting all my efforts into looking at what really IS  instead of wanting life or people they way I want them to be. This acceptance of what IS allowed me to connect instantly with any horse I met. Travelling and working with horses of the most different races and backgrounds in different countries on numerous ranches and farms, I could experience the same thing over and over without doubt: the horses connected with me. I did not have to know the horse for months or years to find its trust, I could connect with any horse every single time, just by using my well developed sense of energetic perception and present moment awareness. Even with horses that lived in the wild I could find this connection.

This is what I teach passionately because it improves the lives of horses and humans immediately and on the long term.

And the path of finding this connection is a path of beautiful discoveries. It is no exhausting or repetitive training, it is a path of surprises and miracles. It is a path of getting to know yourself and the horse in ever deeper ways through this connection. It is a path of bliss and joy.


If you’re already feeling that this has been your desire, I can offer you the key through a step by step training: a path of eleven steps, The Hero's Journey Of Transformation With Horses As Teachers. I teach you to open your perception of how the horse teaches you connection and authenticity.



It Is A Journey Of Growing Beyond Yourself And Becoming A True Horse Man, A True Horse Woman. 

The way I teach is a way where each step builds on the one before and where all experiences come together in one big picture, one big transformation that will change your life and your horses life.

This is how change really happens: through transformation. Through activating our unconscious capacity to connect.

My workshops have the set up of a classical Hero's Journey. The difference between a traditional workshop and a Hero's Journey workshop is that in traditional learning you collect information, you make experiences but in a Hero's Journey Workshop you transform, you become a new Self. You meet horses is an whole new way. You understand that transformation happens on a much deeper level. You understand that the horses connect with you on this level. You understand that they take you there.

What you will learn in this workshop:

“You’re About To Discover An 11 Step By Step System For Finding Relationships With Horses And People Where You And The Other Are Seen And Valued For What You Really Are  - And It Is Not Work, It Is Pleasure And Fulfillment”


The Hero's Journey of Finding True Connection in eleven steps


1) Who am I? Find your authentic self behind the roles and masks you have learnt to play.

2) The Calling: What is your true gift in relationships with horses and humans.

3) The Blockage: How to discover and overcome blockages in relationships with horses and humans.

4) The Goal: How to achieve goals with your horse without force or dominance

5) The Connection: Discover the real horse and the real person behind your fantasies and expectations.

6) The Heart Of The Creature:Learn to see the world through the eyes of a horse and how to read energy, even if it is invisible.

7) Contradiction: How to handle doubt and insecurity in your relationships.

8) Failure: How to find peace with old wounds that block your capacity to connect.

9) Transformation: Accessing a deeper level of love and connection with yourself and others.

10) The Treasure: How you can apply what you have learnt in your future life.

11) The Essence: At the end of the journey, touch the essence in yourself

Recommended reading:
Ulrike Dietmann: "On the Wings of Horses" (With a Foreword of Linda Kohanov)

Linda Kohanov: "Way of the Horse" "The Tao of Equus"

Recommendations and Safety:

No horse skills or riding skills are required. Please bring clothes for the outside and solid shoes.

All activities with horses take place in a protected surrounding. Security is our number one priority. The horses you will meet are experienced and calm.

The communication in the group follow the ethics of an authentic community, where everyone has room for personal expression, where every participant takes on responsibility for valuation, acceptance, empathy and clear boundaries,


The workshop starts on Saturday May 5th at 9:30 am.
The workshop with horses will be from May 5th until May 10th.
On May 11th we will spend a day together in Sienna.

Essential package:



1.100,00 EUR (19% VAT included)

10 % bonus if you book before end of February 2018 990,00 EUR (19% VAT included)



5 day Hero’s Journey workshop with horses, workshop material

5 days lunch (sandwich), coffee, tea, drinks, fruits, snacks


Not included:





Comfort package:



2.350,00 EUR (19% VAT included)

20 % bonus if you book before end of Novembre 2017 1.890,00 EUR (19% VAT included)

10 % bonus if you book before end of February 2018 2.115,00 EUR (19% VAT included)



5 day Hero’s Journey workshop with horses, workshop material

5 days lunch (sandwich), coffee, tea, drinks, fruits, snacks,

7 exquisite dinners (May 5 - 11) with homegrown food, (6 at Pieve a Salti, one at an excellent local restaurant in the medevial city of Borgo, wine of the house is included)

7 nights accommodation (May 5 - 11) with delicious breakfast at Pieve a Salti in a beautiful spacious single room with your own bath 

Shuttle from the airport of Pisa to the workshop farm Pieve a Salti

transport to Siena


Not included:

Flights to and from Pisa

Lunch during the day at Siena


You are welcome if you speak Italian, German or English. We will provide fluid, professional translation. 

Fattoria Pieve a Salti – Buonconvento (Siena) Italy - A beautiful horse farm not far from Siena, Tuscany.  

Dating back to the late 19th century, Fattoria Pieve A Salti is a converted Tuscan farmhouse. It is housed in 2 buildings 1 km one from the other, just outside Buonconvento. It features indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Rooms have a rustic design with wood-beamed ceilings and wrought iron beds. They offer views of the Crete or Val d'Orcia hills. Each one is air conditioned and features an LCD TV and fridge.

A sweet and savoury breakfast is served buffet style each morning. Lunch and dinner are included in the booking of the workshop and will take place in Pieve A Salti and other high level restaurants of the area. Pieve A Salti produces its own cereal, pasta, sauces, marmalade and olive oil.

To those who decide to bring their own horses Pieve a Salti offers (on reservation) the possibility to keep it in the paddock or stall.


How to get there:

Find the place in the map:


Flying to Pisa airport, a shuttle service is offered.