How does it work?

1. You choose an objective you want to work on in your life (work, love life, personal development...).

2.  Through my guidance, you will react and interprate the attitudes of the horses in relation to your objective. 

3. Horses will work to reveal your being and you will explore concrete options to reach your objective.

4. By the end of the session, you understand your self-reflection and you are on your way to move forward. ​

For who?

Sessions are designed for anyone who wish to develop self-leadership and creative skills to change, through a connection with horses.  


- Cheval Nature - Rambouillet Forest - Queue Noire Le Tartre Gaudran 78113

- Visionpure - 20, rue des vieilles vignes 95830  Artimont  Frémécourt

- Could be possible also at your centre but to be first verified with you!