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"Educate myself - Inspire others - Change the World"

Born in Milan, Italy in 1970. Dreaming about horses since I was very young. Passionate about the relation between man and horses led me to travel through 5 continents to work as Cowboy in U.S, Gaucho in Argentina, ride with Nomads in Mongolia, with bull in Spain and Camargue/France, Butteri in Tuscany/Italy. UK, Oman, Egypt, Iceland and so on.

I have worked in the fashion world and for 20 years for the most important Luxury company in the World as a Digital Transformation Manager.


Because I’m fascinated and curious how our emotions are linked to our physical status “Mens sana in corpore sano »   I studied and practicing Shiatsu, Mindfulness, Cardiac Coherence HeartMath.

I'm a positive person but that doesn't mean that I'm always happy. I wake up early in the morning, I love sport, nature, movies, théâtre.

I love the sea but I like to stay in middle of the forest riding horse.

I'm always fascinated about people capable to tell me a story.

I'm vegetarian and I love pizza!

I completed my training in Italy with Alexandra Rieger, founder of Raidho Healing Horses, in France with Eva Reifler, founder of Visionpure and Trainer Eponaquest (Linda Kohanov). I also collaborated with Ulrike Dietmann, creator of the "Hero's Journey with the Horse" and Trainer Eponaquest, Sharon Bringleson Shepherd.


In France, particularly in Paris, where I live, I work with companies and business schools in order to incorporate into their training programs, MBA Executive courses, thanks to their interaction with the horse (non-verbal communication, active listening, new leadership, positive Attitude, etc.).

In Italy I organise  seminars in Tuscany and Sardinia (with the wild horses of the Giara). On request I organise seminars also in equestrian centre and wellness-farm.

I think that before being in peace with someone you must first be in peace with yourself.